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I am attempting to create a database in Access to store all of this data as there are 8 different people using the worksheet and each person saves as and names the spreadsheet differently. There is a good possibility that you don't need to move to Access but could accomplish your task with some Excel VBA coding. The users save the workbooks on a shared network drive in separate folders. There are indeed multiple workbooks per user as that workbook is used as the master copy.

This results in several spreadsheets in different locations and I have to manually copy and paste the data into one master spreadsheet for analytics to be run. The users will input their data and perform a save as. Tooltip Text = "Add a new entry for this Vehicle" . On Action = "Add_Entry" End With End If Set ctrl = new Menu.

If you do, Access evaluates the expression and then uses this value as the expression in this argument.

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' Website : Purpose : Export recordset to Excel ' Copyright : The following may be altered and reused as you wish so long as the ' copyright notice is left unchanged (including Author, Website and ' Copyright).

Not that the " 2" is added to the variable i during the insert since we are starting on A2.

It would be 1 if we were starting our array with A1.

Does anybody have an idea of how I can set this up? The name of the saved file also changes as they name based on date.

By the end of the year, there will be approximately 3500 rows and 53 columns of data. My suggestions would be to: Change the base file to a Template, this will keep the users from accidentally overwriting it with data.

Hi All, I have an Excel workbook that contains 30 tabs with the Userface as shown in the photo. Do the users save their workbooks on their local machines or a network location? Are there multiple workbooks per user when you go to compile the data for your stats? Tooltip Text = "Print the currently displayed Vehicle" . On Action = "Print_It" End With Set ctrl = new Menu.

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