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15-Nov-2016 09:33

It is difficult to ascertain what, exactly, this report means — how dangerous can one man’s bachelor pad be?

“She has been traveling a lot and hasn’t had time to see Bradley but plans on seeing him very soon. They are really happy and can’t wait to have their baby.” And then only reports that according to an unnamed source, Cooper’s .7 million Pacific Palisades home “isn’t exactly baby-proof” and that “the single-guy digs would reportedly need extensive renovations to be safe enough for a child.” The article does not say what, in particular, makes Cooper’s home unsafe. Cooper and Shayk do not seem outwardly worried about home improvements.Renee has always seemed so low-key, so private, so secretive.But now here she is, sharing the cover with a pissy-looking Jennifer Aniston (and a small inset of Bradley Cooper) with the headline, “Why He Chose Renee”.July 2009 - March 2011Cooper and Zellweger, who costarred in Case 39, have been dating since last July, and rumors began circulating they were engaged when Renee was spotted looking for wedding rings in June of 2010.

After years of pitting Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie against each other, the tabloids have found new meat. Renee Zellweger, the girl I would have never predicted for this kind of tabloid coverage.They don’t want to be public just yet.” [From People] We’ve debated time and time again as the status of Bradley’s sexuality. Is Bradley one of those artsy and femme straight guys?