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16-Jul-2016 13:05

So here I am, back to clear out those misconceptions that have built up in your head.

Here are a few common dating myths I’m busting for all you fellow Earthlings.

Years ago, I realized there's so much information about relationships that nobody knows about.

This information is in academic books and journals, which most people don't read.

While you do have a great group of friends (and you probably love coffee shops too) Mr.

Right is probably not sitting in your social circle obsessing over his true love for you.

If your match comes across as overly cautious or makes excuses not to get together, then simply move on.

5) It’s full of crazies, liars and manipulators This is an enormous generalisation.

In fact, there are three best places to meet someone. D., is known on Detroit's airwaves as "The Love Doctor." She offers relationship advice each week on FOX-TV and local radio, and she does it with humor, kindness, and sound science. Orbuch is a respected researcher and a professor at the University of Michigan and Oakland University. Love To Know asked her to tell us what science has to say about some common dating myths. Orbuch specializes in making scientific research about love and relationships accessible to everyone.My point is, limit the booze to a maximum of one drink. One of the most common dating myths is that you should show up 10-15 minutes late, so that you end up giving a cool, laid-back attitude.

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This does not make any sense because you’re leaving your date wondering if they’re stood up or something.

1) It’s embarrassing A decade ago some people felt embarrassed to admit to using online dating.