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24-Feb-2016 02:10

Adding 5-10 monthly credit card bills can overwhelm your bill-pay. Going on vacation or having a hectic few days can result in several late payments and hundreds of dollars in fees.Nonprofit credit consolidation companies provide you with the convenience of making one monthly payment to help you become debt free.Consolidated credit companies, like credit counseling agencies, usually point consumers at debt-relief options like a debt management program, debt settlement, a debt consolidation loan and, in extreme situations, bankruptcy.With credit consolidation, you take out a new loan and use it to pay off smaller loans.Credit counseling through a reputable non-profit agency is almost always a better alternative.Credit counselors work to help you negotiate with your creditors and formulate a debt management plan (or DMP) to help you pay off your existing debts.

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They might even wonder if it could be a good idea to consolidate student loans and credit card debt together.Debt consolidation is a means of debt refinancing that involves taking out a new loan to pay off other loans and credit card debt.