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Malena and Klepetan’s story became a trending topic on all relevant media in the country and region, and the topic became commonplace in everyday chit-chat.

A place where you most definitely have Canon products is Anigota which is a Canon dealer for Croatia.

While staying at the camp, discover all the secrets of Lošinj by bike or taking a walk on any of the numerous seaside promenades encircling the entire island.

This child friendly camp provides your children with an ideal opportunity to have fun at the Pepë family fun park with careful supervision of our trained staff, while older children can enjoy sport and fun facilities within and around the camp, which will make your family holiday complete.

Book a panoramic flight for your group starting from only 699 EUR and enjoy spectacular views of endless coastline and magnificent islands.

Let Lomo Amigo oulpiana's cubist instant portait inspire you to take your creativity beyond the click of the shutter.

You can find their store in Gundulićeva 26 in Split.

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In addition to advertising, the campaign itself raised over €405,000 worth of free PR on the web, print, and TV.

According to their website, they're open Mondays - Fridays - and Saturdays - .

The Joker Centre is a good possibility - it was the first major mall to open in Split, back in 2007, and has over 50 outlets of major global brands.

Odds are good that an electronics store exists, and that they could help you.

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