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Adverts found in the January 9th 1925 and August 14th 1925 issues of magazine for the Featherweight Cycle Co.

range of complete cycles show the company trading at 366 Upper St.

Answer: Below is a brief timeline of historical information regarding Winchester Firearms: Year Event 1854 Introduction of volcanic repeating handguns. Oliver Winchester buys stock in Volcanic Repeating Arms. Model 1866 "Yellow Boy lever action introduced -- first gun to bear the Winchester name. A Marble’s front sight is featured on most Model 94 rifles.

Volcanic carbine introduced 1856 Offices moved to New Haven, Connecticut. 1868 Assets of Spencer Company purchased by Winchester. The Browning Shop had begun a partnership with Winchester that would last the next 19 years. The new Timber Scout, a very fast, quick rifle is offered in 30-30 or 44 Rem. The Model 94 Legacy, with a 26” round or octagon barrel, is offered with a blued or case-colored receiver.

The worn but still-running 1930s model was purchased from a man whose deceased wife had been a dressmaker and sewn on it for years. Today Colleen has nine Featherweights, including one made in the same year she was born; a white machine and a tan machine (these were manufactured near the end of the Featherweight’s run); and a coveted free-arm machine, the Singer 222. V-CC member Nick Tithecott has a part of the packaging which once contained 2000 "Jackson Rd." transfers; this bears the date December 1922 and may well have been the first batch of formal transfers for the fledgling company.They were based 39 Landseer Road prior to 1922, when the company moved to 2 Jackson Rd, Holloway, London N7.This would indicate that Macleans took over the Lightweight Cycle Co.

and soon after incorporated the word "Lightweight" into their own title.

Around 2.5 million were manufactured from 1933 to 1964 in Elizabethport, New Jersey, Clydebank, Scotland, and St. Their sturdiness means they’re often passed from one sewing generation to the next.

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