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You believe that every guy will screw you over because so far every guy You ignored the signs There were always signs from the beginning that a guy was a douchebag.If you look back, you could probably name them now from the way he spoke to the bartender the first night you met him to how long he took to respond to your texts to the fact that he was making secret phone calls in the backyard.Does he have any kind of self-tanner, and/or tanning membership?Does he take more than an hour to respond to a text message? Is he really into new and interesting varieties of mass market beer? Does he own any form of muscle builder, or does he routinely drink things with names like “Muscle Milk?Women have been programed by society to be timid and to never "make the first move." This conditioned fear of ice-breaking leads to an unbalanced scale, which tips in the favor of the notorious douchebag.Let’s say there’s a Build-a-Douchebag store, and you’re tasked with creating the ultimate douche. Each of them is a verified douchebag, at least according to the Internet: All three are members of an online slideshow titled "60 Biggest Douchebags in the Entertainment Industry," along with Dr.

By the time he got to you, he had probably already powered through a handful of other women that had the good sense to turn him down.

However, if you were in the frozen northern regions of Alaska you would need to work with the abundant supply of ice.

In a similar fashion, women also have to work with what they have available to them, and not all males are as easily accessible as others.

Available Resources If you were to need to build a shelter out in the wilderness you would first have to assess your available resources.

If you are in a forest you would have an ample supply of timber.

So, please eliminate this notion that the bad guys are attracted to you specifically.