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E.’s most populous city, 4,300 miles from the Philippines.Her job requires her to straighten clothes, ring up transactions, keep track of receipts, and smile whenever a customer walks in. So Friday midday is a scheduled time for Teresa to see her 11-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son, and because she’s an overseas worker—one of many millions of adults who have traveled thousands of miles from home to take jobs that allow them to send money back to their families—she does this in the overseas worker’s modern way: She pulls a low, plastic stool up to a computer set into a particleboard desk inside the bedroom she shares with four other people. She clicks a video-chat button, leans in close, and waits.

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There's the woman making it in the mans' world, a hour visit to pisa i have received 4 fines for traffic violations.

“I had heard that when you were in Abroad, you can buy anything.” Abroad was like a country of its own, the place from which impressive things emanated: gold bracelets, Colgate toothpaste, corned beef in cans.