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22-Oct-2016 22:19

If so, it allows it to be submitted to the server and (usually) saved in a database; if not, it gives you error messages to explain what you've done wrong (provided you've done it right).form validation can be implemented in a number of different ways.Not only is it not idiomatic, its just not a good idea period.Just to be clear, it's not just that it is a property setter that makes this a bad idea.

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If there is one thing that could solve a huge number of security vulnerabilities it would be input validation. You do not need to be a security guru, or white hat hacker, you can start making a difference today by testing the extremes. Determine if the feature is coded using whitelists, blacklists, or nothing at all.Anthony Moore Microsoft Corporation July 2000 Updated March 2002 Summary: Provides a brief overview of the validation framework in ASP.