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26-Sep-2016 03:59

Yacht owners and charter guests are always on the hunt for the next exciting destination to visit and Cuba is fast becoming a must-do.

“People want to have different experiences, they want a change from the same old places, and I think the next destination buzzword will be Cuba,” says Mark Elliott, sales and charter consultant at IYC.

The Hicacos Point Natural Park is a 3.12 km (1.20 sq mi) ecological preserve established in 1974.

It contains the 250 m (820 ft) long Cave of Ambrosio, Mangón Lake (home to 31 species of birds and 24 species of reptiles) and the ruins of the La Calavera (The Skull) Salt Works (one of the first salt works to be constructed by the Spanish in the New World).

Their current leader, Fidel's younger brother, Raul, who has led the island through its biggest period of change in over five decades, has also confirmed he will be leaving office in February 2018, and what will unfold next politically and economically, no one knows.

But the truth remains that, even if Trump were to reverse Obama's easing of rules regarding travel to Cuba for American citizens (which I highly doubt will happen anytime soon), Cuba's appeal to all other foreign tourists around the world will not diminish in the least.

Peak season runs from November to March and with sunshine 330 days of the year blue skies are almost guaranteed during a visit.

With little existing luxury infrastructure a superyacht is the perfect way to see the country in style and comfort.

One on hand, we have the Trump the wild card and whether the new U. President will live up to his promises of reversing Obama's rapprochement with Cuba if, in his own words, the island . On the other hand, Cuba just lost their commander-in-chief, Fidel Castro, last November, and the effects of his passing are yet to be determined.

It is the second-most-important airport of the island after José Martí Airport in Havana, and serves international and domestic flights.

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